Saturday, August 1, 2009

Information for Christmas/Holiday Swap 2009

Okay, this post will outline the details for the

Christmas/Holiday Potholder Swap 2009.

Please join by 1st of September 2009
Partner details will be sent to you by 14th September, 2009
Swap packages sent out on 1st December 2009

join by sending an email to with the following questionare filled out (copy and paste in the body of your email).
Please put I want to join Swap in the email subject, I get lots of spam dont want to delete your email by accident!

I will then send you back the name and contact details, plus the questionare from your partner so you know something about them and can make further contact with them etc. I hope I can pair people up with similar interest etc, hence the questionare.

1. Name
2. Email address and blog address if you have one
3. Age
4. Whether you are interested in receiving a Christmas or Holiday themed item
5. Favourite colours
6. Any allergies (i.e. to pet hair or smoke)
7. Crochet level, i.e. beginner, intermediate etc.
8. Country you are from and languages you speak

I will let everyone swap postal addresses themselves so that it is kept private between you and your partner, not that I plan on stalking anyone etc. hehehehehe

List of things to send in swap
1. One crochet potholder in a Christmas or Holiday theme (depending on what your partner wants)
2. A copy of your favourite crochet pattern (relate it to your partner's crochet level)
3. A ball of your favourte yarn.
4. Something that is relates to your family or culture's Christmas/Holiday traditions . This might be a written letter about your traditions, photos of Christmas/holiday traditions, a recipe for food you always cook for Christmas/Holidays, a how-to-do tutorial for making decorations you use etc.

This is a basic list of things to send. If people want to add more to their packages please consult your partner so that they don't feel bad if they didn't send as much as you did and you dont feel like your efforts were not returned etc. Basically I just want to say it is IMPORTANT to communicate with your partner and decide how much you want to send to each other. Some may not be able to afford as much as their partners or might not have as much time to make as many potholders as the other etc. Take this into consideration!!!!!! The swap should be a fun and lovely experience!

So that's all from me. If there is anything I've left out or you need more information just leave a comment. I look forward to receiving your emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm in !
    Will send you my email shortly
    Thanks so much for organzing all this Kathy Ann

  2. Ohhh. I love this (and was hoping someone would do this.)

    I am so in. I'll get my info to you soon, Kathy Ann!

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  4. Oh I almost forgot!! I just sent the email in. :-)

  5. Hi - I sent my email in a couple weeks ago but haven't heard - has it been received??? This will be fun!!

  6. I just sent my email...glad I found this in time. I'm excited

  7. help my email was returned...please include me in the swap and allow me to join the email is

    thank you, janet

  8. Kathy Ann - I resent the email this morning - hopefully you will receive it - thanks again for letting me know.

  9. Hi Kathy,
    Hopefully I'm not too late for this I will email you al the details required.

  10. Fun! Fun! Fun! Can't wait!!!!!

  11. I am excited will be an honor to participate -janet

  12. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.