Saturday, May 30, 2009

bonjour !

I'm joining you this weekend --thank you Kathy Ann ! -- looking forward to reading more about your crocheting experiences and learning from them.
My name is Valerie (screen name = SierraMoon) I live in Western France, I'm a wife and mom to one.
I'm definitely a scarf & shawl girl !
On cool summer evenings or cold winter days, doesn't it feel nice & cozy to have your neck or shoulders wrapped in (homemade) style & softness ?!!
This linen & coton summer shawl is the most recent addition
I started crocheting (from a book) in 2008 -- grannies had been a long time dream, and I guess the blogland gave me a boost on that one ! -- with these colorful babies...

but they're sitting in my closet because I've not made up my mind yet : to crochet or to sew them together ? Expert opinions more than welcome !
I have another blanket on my too long (I'm hooked !!) crochet-to-do-list, hopefully some time in the Fall or Winter to come...
ps : please bear with me, especially for my first posts = I have a brand new computer, the hosting site Blogger is new to me, and English is not my mother tongue...

Little Blue Cardigan Finished!

Just a quick post to show you the finished baby cardigan I posted about a while ago. I am very pleased with it and very glad that I pushed myself to try a new pattern for the bottom half. Usually I just continue in straight rows. Although, the pattern for the bottom half takes a lot of yarn and thus this little piece has taken about 6 50gm balls of yarn to complete, usually I get away with just over 3 balls. I'm not sure what aged baby it would fit, I think maybe about 12- 18 months. I made the arms very long so that the child won't grow out of it too quickly, when it's younger we can just roll the sleeves back in the manner you can see in the photo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Granny Wine Bottle Bag

My in-laws own and operate a winery and I've been crocheting wine bottle bags to sell there. I've completed 5, all different & original designs. I thought I'd share my favorite, the Granny Wine Bottle Bag.
It's made up of 17 granny squares done in cotton thread with a 2.0mm hook. This one is the most complicated of the bags and took the longest. Most of what I've done are simple lace patterns that can be finished quickly. A post of the other's will appear soon on my blog.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A little inspiration...

I visited my local yarn shop on Saturday and was so happy to see that they are stocking a new type of crochet thread!  It's called Nazli Gelen Garden and the colors are absolutely bright and beautiful - and it came highly recommended by the shop crochet instructor.  I've never seen this brand before and would love to hear reviews from anyone who has tried it...

I think I'm going to use it in a new free form crochet project and I've been looking at this Flickr group for some inspiration, check it out if you're interested!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hexagon Granny Baby Cardigan

I was looking online for another baby cardigan pattern. I´m not really interested in ones that require me to sew arms and back and fronts on, I like the more work from the top down kind of patterns because I find I can understand them better. Googling away I came upon this niffty pattern which is made up of two large hexagon grannys. I was quite baffled when I first saw the pattern, couldn´t really work out how the grannies formed the arms but after watching a youtube tutorial it all became quite clear. This pattern above is from Bev and can be found here.

I wasn´t too keen on the holes from the granny square pattern so I decided to make mine from solid hexagrannies. I later found this on the net, a solid hexagranny cardigan. It´s good to see others coming up with similar ideas!

This solid hexagranny jacket is by Cozy´s Corner, and the pattern can be found here.

These last two photos are of my attempt to make a solid hexagranny jacket. So far its been really easy and I can see how it will become a jacket but I worry about the proportions. I think the sleeves will be too wide. I think in order to make the jacket long enough or wide enough the are holes have to be the size more suited for an 18 month old or 12 months old with the body measurements for a 3-6 month old. We shall see how we go.

The floppy hexagon granny and how it transforms into one side of a cardigan!

I hope everyone is still enjoying this crochet along. I am always open to suggestions related to the admin aspect of the blog so keep posting your ideas! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and making some time for a little crochet as well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

hip to be (granny) square

I thought i'd share my new-ish love for crafting and even newer love for blogging, with the lovely people here. You can find my little blog site here and i'm listed on Ravelry as Fayb79.

My current *crochet* project (there are several other things on the go) is an afghan granny square blanket. I've been making it, on and off, for ooh, at least 6 months. That makes me sound like a bit of a failure - i'm not - i promise. I'm just very easily distracted and start another project before finishing the current one. I get too excited about getting my teeth into the next thing. I'm the same with my grown-up proper job. My attention spam could be described as teeny.

However! i am not giving up on the blanket - no siree. I'm trying to knock off a square a night at the moment. In reality i manage about 3-4 week. More tortoise than hare, it has to be said. I'm not sure where the blanket will live when it's finished. I think i'll probably use it as a snuggler blanket for the sofa.

Here's where i am so far:

The pattern is from the first crochet book i ever bought - 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans by Jan Eaton. This particular square is known as "Granny in the middle." I thought i shouldn't try and be too ambtiious with my first attempt - so decided to keep to a traditional granny but add a more solid border. I like the overall effect and think the blue edging will pull it all together when it's done.

It will measure about 107cm x 137cm when it's finished and be made up of 63 squares, with three different colour combinations. I've made about 20 squares so far, each one taking about two hours from start to finish. Longer, if something good is on TV at the same time :) I'm using a 4mm hook and fairly standard cotton DK yarn that i picked up from I Knit London. So far i've crocheted squares in London, Vancouver, Whistler and Wales...this is definitely an international blanket!

Anyhow, I'm sure i'll add updates as the pile of squares grows. I'm aiming to have it finished by the end of the year. Well, i thought it best to not set too short a deadline...

apple blossoms & lace

There is just something so breath-taking about the first apple blossoms that fall on our lawn.

I started this doily from Decorative Crochet magazine (which is no longer being published) awhile back and just finished it in time for the blossoms that bloomed on our tree.

It was the first time that I have crocheted with size 30 thread. It is so delicate & subtle, I just love the way it worked up.

hook--1.4mm .....thread--size 30 from thrift store
Decorative Crochet magazine , issue: May 2001 No. 81)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

me again with a cute...haw to say ??? protect-book ?

this is a japanese "portect-book" offered to a friend...with a book naturally !
Done with cotton remainders

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have just made a poncho for my friend.
It's the same stich as in the Shoop shoop cape but I made some changes and it turned out just perfect :-)

It's croched in Kauni 8/2 and a small amount of Drops alpaka (for the neckline)
For more info look at my ravelry notebook

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lola's Poncho

I finally finished Lola's crocheted poncho.
It's a little big on her but she will grow into it. It is crocheted in a soft cotton...


Many thanks for allowing me to join this blog. I am not an expert at crochet and I want to get better at it. It fascinates me, particularly the many patterns that can be created. I do like making Granny squares and this is a bag which I made last summer. It is a series of squares which are then arranged into a cross shape then stitched together to make this bag. Sounds odd but is does work right. I then lined it with lilac fabric. I am going to tackle another one and gain a better shape.
If you would like to see more of my work then pop over to Indigo Blue.
Bye for now.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

ribbon candy afghan

For the Love of Crochet. Ahhhh. A blog totally about lovin' crochet.......
This is my first post. And I am beyond happy that I am part of this wonderful group!
This ribbon candy afghan taken from this book, Quick and Cozy Afghans.
The pattern is actually called primary fun, but I pulled much different colors to work with.

The colors remind me of ribbon candy and I knew that my kids would love to use this to curl up in front of the Tv.

I must crochet 10 of these strips and then whipstitch them together. I am using Caron yarn
and not only love the soft drape of this yarn, but really appreciate the low price when purchasing a skein .....or two or three..........

A very easy and quick afghan to stitch and I just love the combination of colors.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loose Ends

Hello, I'm Rachel and this is my first post!  I just completed this small piece combining crocheted medallions and about a thousand little french knots.  I left the the crocheted ends long and loose, they remind me tentacles.  

I didn't plan to use similar colors in this WIP afghan, I guess I'm just really into teal and white right now!  It's only about a quarter of the way finished, but I'm working on it steadily and can't wait until it's ready to use.  

The pattern is a basic granny square and the crochet thread is Royale size 3.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To The Blog Owners

Is it possible to maybe make a button? I'd like to promote this crochet-along on my blog, and I'd love to put a button in the sidebar.

Thanks for your consideration!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Baby Cardigan

I started a new baby cardigan the other week and I must say I like the way it´s coming along. It is taking forever though and testing my patience. The second part of the body takes two rows just to make one centimeter length. It needs to be 17 cms so I will need to do at least 34 rows. Ahhhh!!!! I started one sleeve today just to give myself a break from the other pattern. The cardigan pattern itself is half of the one I used for the other baby cardigan and half of my own making. If anyone wants the pattern for the bottom half I can try and write it down but I´ve never really written a pattern before. Again it is done in a 4ply using a 3mm hook. The final size should be big enough for a 1 year old or at least a large 6 month old. I plan to keep this one for my 'one day in the future' baby and I've promised myself I will not give it away as a present as I always seem to do.

Anyhow here are some photos of the project so far.

Hope everyone had a great weekend I know I did spending some time cooking with friends and crocheting on the U Bahn- German underground train system. Can´t wait to see more gorgeous posts! Don´t anyone be shy now hehehehe.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hexagon Granny


Hi! Happy to join in here. I am a mamma of 5 homeschooled, craft-loving, creative children. I always have too many projects going on, but was delighted to see a new crochet-along getting started.

I've begun a hexagon granny, from the cover of the Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted Designs book. I am quite sure this pattern could be found elsewhere also, since most of the patterns in the book I have found on the internet.

It's a fun project so far.


Good luck everyone, and God Bless!


CROCHET, originally uploaded by Britta S.

First of all let me say thank you for a wonderful blog! I do make grannysquares but also lots of other crochet (and knitting).
I'm making an afgan for my son in grannies and it takes forever. Mybe becauce it's made i 4 ply sockyarn ;-) But it's fun and it's going to look great.
As seen on the pictures I have hade shawls, a cape (top right) and a poncho. The poncho is done but I haven't washed it yet. Picture comming as soon as it's done.

I live in Denmark and have only croched since 2004. I have been knitting on and of for 25 years. I have a blog in danish, my ravelry id is gaffah and my flickr id is Britta S.

Looking forward to see all your bautiful projects and get inspired.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hi everyone just a quick administrator´s note, there have been a few people who have said they would like to join but have not left me an email. I really need one to be able to add you. I don´t want anyone to miss out so please if you haven´t already done so, leave your email here in a comment or email me at and just put ' I want to join' in the email title.

Awww and how cool are the post so far???!!!!! I am sooooooo happy to see people posting just like the good ol days woo hoo. I almost cried from happiness when I logged on and saw peoples´ photos and posts. I am glad this is going so well so soon. Thank you to absolutely everyone for making it happen, readers and authors alike! How cool is it that we have followers too?! May I take this opportunity to welcome you dear followers! Thank you for visiting and keeping up with our crochet adventures.

Anyhow remember EMAIL ADDRESSES and have a great weekend!

it's my turn


i'm radhyaa, 30, mom of a 16 month's lil'boy ! i'm from france and i'm sorry if my english doesn't seem as well as yours !!

i looooooooove crochet and even if i like crocheting a lot of things, i didn't know i would like to crochet granny squares until i do that !!
the blancket was for my lil'niece who was born in january !
in the second photo, my japanese bag seen in a japanese magazine (they are so gooooood in crochet)!
hope you enjoy!

Good old Granny!

I'm really excited to see this web page being reborn and very proud to be able to present my latest crochet project on it which as luck would have it is a granny square blanket. I really love crochet granny squares - my grandmother used to make presents for us grandchildren using granny squares and I always loved looking at the colours and wondered how they were made. Sadly my Grandmother died before I was really old enough to be taught crochet but I managed to teach myself some years afterwards and always like to think that she would be happy to see me making things for my family.

So here is my latest crochet project - a cot bed blanket for my little boy's nursery. This is only the second granny square project that I've done - the first being a baby blanket for my niece that was a whole lot smaller and consequently much, much quicker to make! This blanket is a rectangle of 8 squares wide by 13 long. The squares were joined with single crochet (or double crochet if you prefer the British terms) which left lovely ridges on the back and gave the blanket a much chunkier feel to it. To finish it off I decided to keep it simple and stick to two rows of single crochet round the edge with the main blue colour that I used in most of the squares.

The colours in this blanket were mostly from my stash, but because this project took more yarn than I was anticipating I had to borrow some extra colours from my sister as well as adding a bit of purple in as well which when the blanket all got put together at the end seems to have worked really well.

I love this blanket oh, so so much :-) Hopefully when my little one is a bit bigger he'll like it too, but for now it's going away until next winter as I completely failed to get it done in time for this one!

A few crochet projects

I have been crocheting for many years....However, everything i have made was either square or rectangular! I made tons of baby blankets, throws, granny square projects, scarves.... This past year i have taken some knitting classes and learned how to read knitting patterns, and am doing very well with that. I am now looking for a class to teach me how to use my crochet skills more creatively. I found this pattern for a child's poncho online. It is basically 2 rectangles sewn together. I liked the way it came out and am currently making another one in a smaller size for my granddaughter Lola...

Lola's poncho in the works, (in violet and yellow cotton)next to a little knitted baby hat.... Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can find some really easy to read crochet patterns for baby sweaters and hats, for beginners. As i said, i have been crocheting for years, but get confused with pattern directions. Thanks!

Ok Let the Posting Begin!

I´ve recently moved to what I am calling the land of sock wool, yes I moved to Germany, and I am finding it a little hard at times to find yarn that is not 4 ply and specifically made for knitting socks. I mean this would be great if I knew how to knit properly because I would love to have hand made socks but alas I am a crocheter not a knitter.

Anyhow I went to a local market on Saturday and found a wonderful wool stall with lots of beautiful ´4ply´ wool. I couldn´t just walk by without buying at least one ball so I thought what the hell I´ll just do more rows and work with a smaller hook right?

Here is a photo of what the yarn became...

Birthday present for my fiance´s niece Lena, who is turning 1 on May 7th. Axel bought her the Pipi Longstocking (German Version) t-shirt to go with it!

I´ve made a few baby jacket/cardigans like this using the usual yummy 8ply and they work out a treat. There is a pattern on Yarn Days blog for these top-down baby cardigans. I originally got the pattern from a crochet book but having left it in Australia had to go looking online for another pattern. Actually I hope Rima from Yarn Days will join us here. She always posted photos of her beautiful work on Granny Along. I miss her postings there.

Hope you are all well and ready to start posting about your crochet adventures. I have another baby cardigan that I´m working on at the moment but I´ll leave that for another time. I always seem to crochet more when in Germany... hmmm

Anyhow have a lovely weekend and keep the 'I want to join' emails comming!!!!!