Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Huge Hearty Welcome!

Welcome to the For the Love of Crochet Along! This blog, as some of you will know, has come in to being to fill the space that Carola´s Granny Along and Crochet Along blogs once held in our hearts. They were two wonderful blogs that a lot of us enjoyed for they gave us the opportunity to share our crochet projects, make new friends and ask questions and get answers to some of those tricky crochet problems, like hook size conversions and the meaning of particular pattern symbols.

I am not sure why people stopped posting on those blogs, I still feel like everyone has secretly disappeared to another blog and left me behind, but I am here now with the intent of resurrecting the crochet community we once had on those blogs and to continue to provide a space where we can develop and maintain a friendly and supportive international crochet community.

I look forward to reading about everyone’s crochet adventures and helping out if I can when help is asked for. I especially look forward to receiving email addresses and requests from those who want to join. The more the merrier!!!! Please respect other people’s work by keeping comments constructive and polite. This is a place for sharing and supporting one another not bring others down. Also content must be relevant to crochet!

So with that having been said I now officially declare this Crochet Along open and urge you to join in the crochet fun!!!

Many thanks

Kathy Ann