Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FOR SALE: Wagon Wheel Afghan Crochet Kit

Mary Maxim Wagon Wheel Afghan
Crochet Kit

The above picture is one I took of the kit I have for sale.
The below picture is the image & information from the Mary Maxim website.

Due to carpal tunnel, I've had to cut way back on my crocheting.
I will never make this afghan.
I bought the kit from a Mary Maxim mail order catalog a couple of years ago.
It's the complete kit...yarn and pattern to make the Wagon Wheel Afghan.
I paid $69.99 plus shipping/handling for it.
I am asking $50 for the kit, plus $12.50 s/h within the continental US.
(No s/h will be charged if the purchaser is able to pick it up in person rather than me having to ship it).

The kit has been safely stored in a clean and dry environment.
Contact me if interested!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{yellow and gold}

I am really into yellow and gold colors this autumn, so I made a new soft sculpture using that color palette. I like the shape of this piece, too, it's really modern even though I recycled the base from a 1970s wood plaque!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

has it started yet ?

i've not posted for long here and well, nothing is new, i still crochet shawls, wristwarmers & scarves... but this weekend as i finished sewing the halloween costume my 12 yo daughter had ordered, i just awoke to the thought it was time to start my little handmade Christmas presents !
over the years, i am more and more aware of who to make things for, and who will not care (for these last my hands can rest). i usually write a list ahead of time with a few gift ideas next to each name. it isn't about how much you make or how big, but how pertinent the gift will be and how much love you put into it, is it ?!
i started gathering some crochet links (click to go to the pattern page) these past two days and would like to share a few ideas (most of them being quickly made, it shouldn't be about skipping your beauty sleep, right ?) that might come as a reminder to you, or that you may have not come across yet.

stars, snowmen, christmas stockings, an afghan with sleeves...

3D stars in the colors of your choice 

a moustache for small ones & older ones to have fun on christmas day

some pretty hangers that you could pair with a jar of homemade laundry detergent & wood pegs

a hook case for your fellows crocheters

a flower frame with the photo of a loved one (or several small ones as tree ornaments)

two love birds, on a pretty branch as a mobile for some new fianc├ęs ?!

a reusable grocery bag for the farmers market

a hearts & flowers table runner

a set of mini storage baskets, maybe wrapped with small craft supplies

some votive candles covers (i want to make these using hemp, linen or a matt cotton !)

a slouchy hat

some scalloped bracelets (& some beauties/make-up supplies for your favorite teen girl)

some tulle dish scrubbies (along with a jar of homemade & some nice tea-towels ?!)

and some slippers, of course !

that's all for today... i was wondering... wouldn't it be nice if we could all share a few handmade ideas for some pre-Christmas crochet inspiration during this month of November ?