Friday, August 14, 2009

an experiment with twine

One of my friends recently moved in a new appartment. And since she loves anything related to nature : pebbles, wood, dried flowers... and homemade, I wanted to sew something with linen (fabric) as a housewarming present, but my sewing machine broke down last month.

When I saw this cone of natural linen twine in my closet, my crochet hook told me to try for a few stitches. And before I knew it, some coasters for her family were on the way...

It's a little tough for fingers (but not unpleasant) so one a day seems the right pace for me . I use a European crochet 1.75mm, and then spray & block them as I go, and it works just like cotton or wool but with a stiffer result, which is just what I want for these.
Still one to go, it was fun to experiment something new & and a bit unusual.
I hope she likes her little gift...


  1. Your experiment with twine is such a wonderful expression of creatvity!

    Wow. They look magnificent & such a perfect, natural house-warming gift!

  2. where is the pattern from I loooovvveeee it! Would you be able to link us to it or share it here? The twine looks awesome!

  3. thank you Dawn :) I guess it was a lucky experiment
    Kathy Ann : the pattern comes from this magazine =
    that I bought during our US vacation

  4. Oh Sierra your work is really really beautiful, with this pattern I think I could enjoying using different kind of yarn :)

  5. Tzugumi : this is a small doily pattern, so everything is possible !!

  6. I love them! Beautiful work, and the color and fiber content give it such a neat look, too!