Sunday, August 30, 2009

finally, a sock

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with being able to make socks. And having tried just about every knit & crochet pattern out there------ you name it! --->I. have. tried. them. all.
And every single one of them have been frogged or discarded.

Until now! I found this crochet pattern called the Origami Turkish Sock.

And it is constructed in a flat manner with a crunch stitch using a size F hook and this greatest-discovery-ever ----> Patons Stretch Sock Yarn.

Yes. It stretches with an elasticity that just makes your heart sing....

It crochets up so quickly and with the ultra-handy measurements that the pattern has you take for each individual foot ------

It is a fool-proof pattern that even I can't frog.


  1. I have been trying to crochet a darn sock for like 4 months now! & I fail every time I must try this. Thanks! & it looks great by the way.

  2. I am even trying to teach myself knitting just so I can make a darn sock. I found this pattern the other day too and it looks like a winner. I love how your socks turned out. I am going to give this one a go now, you have given me the confidence to tackle the sock in crochet!!!!! I think we should have a SOCK SWAP oneday!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Your socks are fabulous - I too have been fighting with socks for way too long. I've attempted knitted ones several times over the years - without success :-( Your post inspired me and now I have it knuckled I think. I am about to start pair three of my own design.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh you guys, i have like the easiest knit pattern for socks - given to me by my grandmother, let me know if you want to try it

  5. I'm trying the Origami Turkish Sock and love the stitch and the elasticity, but am having a tough time figuring out how to stitch up the heel. I can't picture how it is supposed to fit together. And how do the corners of the last row made on the heel work into the seaming? Do you have to stretch a whole lot to make this fit in somehow? I would appreciate any tips! I so want these to work!

  6. Just so you know the link above for Patons Stretch Yarn gives a notice that they can't find that yarn. Are there some alternatives? If so, would you mention them? I do like this pattern and I've read it through (I usually do before I try them) and I think I might give them a try. Many thanks for taking the time to give us this pattern.