Sunday, August 23, 2009

I {heart}

... these two japanese crochet books :

And would like to highly recommend them, because they are real crochet bibles, and I love crocheting from diagrams (no I can't read japanese !)
If Kathy Ann is interested in adding them to the library shelf, I could scan the covers ?
These were bought at "kinokuniya", the japanese bookstore in San Francisco, during our summer vacations -- but they can be found on YesAsia as well, and probably other online sellers.

300 crochet patterns ISBN 978-4-529-04175-1
300 crochet motifs edgings ISBN 978-4-529-04233-8

Just wanted to share... :)
Happy week, ladies !


  1. I love japanese books, I'll have to look for these. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Im sorry shelfari doesn't have these books listed so I can'T add them to the bookshelf but thanks heaps for sharing!

  3. no big deal -- I didn't even how it worked ;)
    just meant they're a goldmine !