Friday, August 21, 2009

At Least One More For SWAP

Hello crochet lovers,
it is getting close to the September 1st joining deadline for our Christmas/Holidays Potholder swap.

At the moment we have 11 people signed up and we need at least one more person to join so that everyone has a partner. Is there anyone out there who would like to take the 12th place? This Swap is open to all people inlcuding our followers. I'm not sure if I made that clear.

So if you are interested and have not yet joined please get emailing and join the Christmas/Holiday Potholder swap!

Thanks again to EVERYONE for making this blog just awesome and so inspiring!

Kathy Ann


  1. I've just completed the questionnaire and emailed it to you. I wasn't going to join originally, however, 2 of the swaps I was in have ended and I am not so tied down. I am available to join in this swap if you still need another person...just check your email for my info. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Gina! Sorry to hear about the other swaps though but very glad to have you on this one.

  3. Kathy Ann -- it seems that I've been experiencing some little bugs with my email account... so, I just wanted to make sure here you got my application + the email about the crochet pattern ? because I didn't hear back from you by mail (not that you HAD TO, but just checking...)
    thanks and happy weekend to everybody here :)

  4. I just sent in my survey as well. I debated over joining but decided to go for it. I hope my survey doesn't leave you with an odd number of participants again. If so, let me know. I would be willing to sit this one out if it poses a problem. Thanks.