Thursday, November 27, 2014

Serendipity Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Photographs of my newest creation, I do have to say I love the colours. I’d recently had a customer who wasn’t wholly clear on the colour scheme for her blanket. I decided to make up a sample incorporating some of the colours she wanted. Ultimately she decided she wanted a purple and grey ripple blanket. I decided to continue with these colours I had put together and ended up with ‘Serendipity’.





Available in my Etsy Store here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Huge Crochet Granny Square Blanket 70 x 70

Here are a couple of photographs of a huge granny square blanket I completed earlier this week for a customer. Unfortunately the light levels weren’t great and so the photos do not do the actual colours full justice. The colours included; mustard, grey, lime, ivory, plum, raspberry & navy.



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crochet Flowers for The BIg Knit

 I have taken part in The Big Knit for quite a few years and the little hats go on top of Innocent Juices drink bottles and when they are sold a percentage of the money goes to Age UK
 This year my Mum wanted to take part so she knitted the little hats and I had the fun of sitting down and making 19 little flowers to decorate the front. I am really pleased with how these turned out and I used a simple little tutorial on YouTube created by The Making Spot.  I can crochet flowers but it was getting the flower the right size, in proportion and a good shape and this tutorial fitted the bill.  I loved making these cheerful little flowers and I can definitely see more uses for them.

Pop over to The Big Knit and see what it is all about.  if you like knitting there are more challenging patterns to knit and there is a cute crochet pattern as well.  It is also possible to donate online as well if you wish to.
Take care all.

Crochet Blanket Gift Ideas 1

Yes it’s that time of year where thoughts turn to Christmas gift shopping. It’s also that time of year when it’s getting chilly and we begin to think about snuggling up under a warm cosy blanket.

Crochet Afghan Blanket White Sunburst Granny Squares 50" x 50" In Stock Ready to Ship

White Sunburst Granny Square Blanket available here.

Crochet Baby Afghan Blanket Miniature GRANNY SQUARES In Stock Ready To Ship

Baby Granny Squares Baby Blanket available here.

Crochet Afghan Blanket Cath Kidston Colours In Stock Ready To Ship Granny Square

Cath Kidston Colours Granny Square Blanket available here.

SALE Crochet Afghan Blanket Pink Handmade GRANNY SQUARES 40 x 50 In Stock Ready to Ship

Powder Pink Granny Square Blanket available here.

Crochet Afghan Blanket Large Granny Square 48" x 48" In Stock Ready to Ship

Large Multicoloured Granny Square Blanket available here.