Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crochet wreath for bedroom improvements!

Lately I have been working on beautifying my bedroom. As a child and teenager I've always taken pride in having a very well kept and pretty bedroom but since getting married it's all gone down hill. See my husband believes a bedroom is just this place you sleep in 'who cares what it looks like?' So I've not really been in a position where I felt comfortable to spend money on making our bedroom special. But not anymore, I've had enough of ugly wallpaper and old-from-the-70's non matching quilt covers! And to kick off this home-improvement phase I am crocheting a few items to girly things up!

My first project has been a crochet wreath, which I am seeing everywhere at the moment, and which I just LOVE! Here are some photos from the one I have created.

At the moment it is just sitting on the kind of bedhead shelf. I would like to hand it on the wall or specifically on our bedroom door but I am not sure how I would like to hang it. I am looking at some options, a crochet cord or maybe a nice satin ribbon. I will post again later when I figure it out.