Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pony Tail Ski Hat

I have thick hair and, as I refer to it, a "big ass" head. That said, I am growing my pony tail one more time to donate it to Pantene for wigs for women.
However, it has been YEARS since I wore a pony tail in the winter and my ears are already cold. This lead me to make this hat.
You can tell  by the stray piece of yarn across my head,
the hat wasn't done yet.
It is bulky and warm. I wanted to make it as warm as possible, using the yarn I had on hand, so I added more yarn to make the turn up brim wider. This way, my ears will be covered by two thicknesses.

 I like the corkscrews, they just add some fun to the hat.

If you prefer a simpler design around the opening, I have included a picture and pattern for what I call “loopies.”
Then, of course, you might wish yours to be plain, I have included a picture of the hat before it was finished, at the top of this page, to show off the plain pattern.


Crochet Boots Pattern for Women.

I love this pattern and will be wearing one around the house.

Find the crochet pattern here: http://crochetdreamz.blogspot.com/2013/11/womans-slipper-boots-crochet-pattern.html