Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello everyone, my name is Josephine and I live in the South of Italy, in wonderful and sunny Puglia. I work crochet since I was a child - my granny taught to me - but I also like knitting, in completely relax.
During the last months I have worked on a pair of blanket: I didn't like much the wool colour - especially the green one - but through simple granny's squares and hexagons I think that they have reached a result quite happy! This one seems to be a green carpet with flowers, don't you think so?

PS: Thank you Kathy Ann for let me share with you my passion!


  1. ciao ciao Josephine :)
    your hexagons are so stunning ! the green look blue on my monitor indeed. I just love the way you assemble your granny squares & hexagons together (would you teach me ? LOL)

    welcome on board !

  2. Hi SierraMoon! The green seems to be blue because of my photo, I think it's a problem of natural light. I see that way of assembling squares in a blog, Attic24 (, she has a lot of tutorial of that kind :)

  3. oh yes ! I follow Lucy's blog : she has such eye candie, don't you think ?!
    but I haven't tried assembling my 96-or-so granny squares yet !

  4. 96!!! Oh...I don't envy you, it's such a hard work!!!
    I'm agree, Lucy makes wonderful works, I really like the way she uses colours :)

  5. LOL
    it's definitely dark green on your blog :D

  6. @Sierra: next time I'll try to make a photo outside ;)


  7. Very pretty!! Love those colors!