Saturday, May 30, 2009

bonjour !

I'm joining you this weekend --thank you Kathy Ann ! -- looking forward to reading more about your crocheting experiences and learning from them.
My name is Valerie (screen name = SierraMoon) I live in Western France, I'm a wife and mom to one.
I'm definitely a scarf & shawl girl !
On cool summer evenings or cold winter days, doesn't it feel nice & cozy to have your neck or shoulders wrapped in (homemade) style & softness ?!!
This linen & coton summer shawl is the most recent addition
I started crocheting (from a book) in 2008 -- grannies had been a long time dream, and I guess the blogland gave me a boost on that one ! -- with these colorful babies...

but they're sitting in my closet because I've not made up my mind yet : to crochet or to sew them together ? Expert opinions more than welcome !
I have another blanket on my too long (I'm hooked !!) crochet-to-do-list, hopefully some time in the Fall or Winter to come...
ps : please bear with me, especially for my first posts = I have a brand new computer, the hosting site Blogger is new to me, and English is not my mother tongue...


  1. Both projects are lovely! Can you tell us what the pattern is for the open-work shawl?

  2. Thank you Leah -- I found it on the Drops (French pages) website last year...

  3. Thank you very much! I'd never been to the website before--they have wonderful shawl patterns! I'm a big shawl fan myself.

  4. ... they have plenty of patterns and they also sell some top-quality yarn (I've bought some) at fair prices
    (yeah for shawls !!)

  5. super tout ça
    en tout cas pour quelqu'un qui doute en anglais tu te débrouilles très bien

  6. Thank you all so much for reviving/renewing this blog - I always loved looking at it, but then nothing happened on it for so long. Now I have eyecandy again, yippee!

    What beautiful projects!

    Thanks! Tracy

  7. Thank you Tracy !
    these are such kind & uplifting words !
    hopefully all the nice members will post about their summer projects soon...

  8. Coucou ! au hasard de mes déambulations webiennes du samedi soir je tombe sur toi ici ;))

    Il est génial ce châle, j'adore !!

  9. oui que veux-tu ;) je fais surtout des chales en ce moment et je recherchais un endroit calme et sans prétention où en parler ... bisous !

  10. As you can see I prefer to join my squares with the crochet, but there are some negative aspects in this procedure. The first is that when the cover is growing it's quite heavy and it's difficult to assemble the squares, the second is that in case of errors you should be unstitched all :(

  11. oh oh should I worry then ? because my other grannies (the 96 ones) are in a linen cotton blend...
    anyhow I do appreciate that you're taking time for advice, thank you