Thursday, June 25, 2009

Administrators Note

Hello fellow crocheters,
I trust everyone is still enjoying the crochet along. I just love seeing all the new posts and then reading all the great comments. Great to see lots of sharing of ideas and some patterns.

I'm writing today because I am a bit concerned about some people who have emailed me wanting to join but then not accepting their invitations, even after a month of me sending an invite and conformation email. I want to know are they not accepting the invite because they have changed their minds or are my invites not getting through to everyone?

I don't want anyone to miss out so please let me know if you have emailed me wanting to join but have not received an invite or don't know how to accept one. If you have changed your mind and that's why you haven't accepted your invitation that is fine.

Thank yout to everyone for continuing to make this a great blog!
Have a great weekend and happy crochetting!


  1. Hi, I'm one of the people you have sent emails to. I checked it out, and the procedure for joining seemed overwhelming for a computer dummy. I do check into the blog almost daily to read what everyone is doing. I thoroughly enjoy it.
    :) Vickie Graham

  2. My e-mail came back undeliverable.

  3. Linda,
    Just sent you an inviation hope it works! Sorry Vicky about it being a bit of a hassel. if you want we could try and talk you through it.