Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This post is dedicated to Kathy Ann who asked for it. With the same pattern used for the doily of the last post I made some wedding bonbonnière (I hope this is the right word, however in Italy we call it bonboniera). I used an Egyptian Makò Cotton gassed mercerized with an european 1.5 crochet to pack a bag that contained lavander. You only need some tulle fabric, a satin ribbon and little flowers.


  1. Oh. My. This is simply exquisite!

  2. cool thanks for sharing I feel so special that you did this for me! hehehehehe. I think this is a very interesting idea did you make one for all the guests? In greece a bonbounari is a gift you give out at a wedding, one for each family that attends, usually for the oldest female of the family. Usually we put sugar almonds in the parcel. I like this idea very much it's giving me ideas for my bonbounari.

  3. In Italy it's the same, one for each family. And we put sugar almonds, too. But I wanted to make something different: with the lavander you can use it to perfume your clothes...or you can use it simply as a doily :) I gave apart the almonds putted in a tulle parcel, with a little ticket in wich were written our name and the date of our wedding.
    Oh...to contain all the boxes I used a wicker basket decorated with flowers :)
    When will you get married? Kisses :))

  4. I still have quite some time before I get married. We have booked for the 11th of April 2010. I am interested in making most of the little things for the wedding myself in order to give it a personal touch so for this reason I have started doing things now.

  5. I'm agree with you, your personal touch will make your wedding day very very special :)

  6. this is lovely and the photos are beautiful, too !
    are you getting married ?!
    in France we do just like Tsugumi in Italy said : we use them to wrap (colorful) sugar almond candies called "dragées"
    I'm sure these will be a hit ! how many do you have to do ?