Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crochet Ring Bearer's Pillow

I have been thinking about wedding stuff again, there is just 9.5 months left before my fiance and I tie the knot. I know it's still really a long time away but I thought since I've got time now I should start making some stuff for it. (We also have a whole house to renovate before the wedding Ahhhhh!) I was thinking of making an heirloom ring bearer's pillow using either crochet or cross stitch. I've never made a doily before or crochet with anything other than yarn so using this No. 8 cotton and a 1.25 mm hook was a bit of a challenge. The idea with this is that I will sew a little round cushion and then sew this to the top of it and through the middle hole attach some ribbon for tying the rings. As you can see there are hearts in the pattern to go with the wedding/love theme ( a bit corny I know but cute I think)

The pattern for this doily is here and I found it quite easy to read except for a few bits regarding the pineapple part of the pattern, it says something like (ch 3 and sc in ch 5 space) times 4 but what it means is do this in the next 4 spaces. There are a few other bits like this, you just got to use the photos to guide you.

I would just like to say a bit thank you to everyone for keeping the great posts coming. I LOOOOVE the diversity of projects being shared. Thank you to everyone who visits the blogs and leaves such lovely and encouraging comments. I am sure everyone would agree that such comments keep us going and make us feel just that extra bit special!


  1. Congrats to you and your fiance!

    I love your doily! It is perfect! The repeated heart pattern; your choice of thread color -- all of it is going to make a very special memento for your 'big' day.

  2. lovely !
    where did you say the pattern was ? maybe it's me I just thought the word "here" in the post would be a link...
    congratulations to you both ! are you re-locating in Germany ?

  3. sorry 'here' should be a link, I will edit it now and post the link, thanks for all your congratulations! We are going to start in Australia and then see how we go. maybe a few years there then a few years in germany.

  4. thank you ! i've bookmarked the pattern for future use :)
    *be*happy* wherever you are !

  5. I've done something similar for my wedding day...nice!!!