Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patriotic Granny

Hi Everyone,
This is my first contribution to this blog.  I am not as talented as you all are - but I love to learn.   I have challenged myself to use up this red, white and blue yarn before the 4th of July. I started this morning!  I am making one big granny square to be used as a lap afghan - let's see if I can get it done. 



  1. wow ! this yarn is so unusual !!!
    I'm making a giant granny square as well (for a baby boy). It is so relaxing, isn't it ?!

    btw... welcome :)

  2. Hi Sierra - thanks for the welcome - yes it is relaxing to do this - can watch tv and crochet. This yarn is unusual to say the least!!! I can't wait to see your giant granny square when you are finished.

  3. I like this yarn, too :) I'll wait to see your granny square in progress :)

  4. Your yarn is so patriotic and fun -- the granny square is a timeless block of beauty!

    P.S. You will loooooooove this group!-- everyone is so supportive & inspiring!