Monday, June 8, 2009

another one !

I told you I was a shawl girl !!!
And I think my daughter wants to be one as well ;)
Here's a new one I've started on HER request :

it is a "dry" 100% wool I got at a flea market
the pattern is here
be sure to check their pages, you'll find some gorgeous patterns !

since it's Monday, happy week to everyone
and thanks for the inspiration this blog has brought to me
I feel so less lonely !!


  1. Cute!!! And the pattern seems to be easy! I like violet...maybe I'll try to make one shawl for myself (I don't have sister!)

  2. ps : I have fixed the link. still have difficulties with Blogger !

  3. What a lovely shade of purple you've chosen - beautiful shawls :)

  4. thank you Jessica !
    mind you, there weren't too many choices given it was a flea market find ! but hey you don't get a huge ball of pure wool for 50 cents everyday ! I'm going to call it the 50 cents shawl :P