Friday, May 1, 2009

it's my turn


i'm radhyaa, 30, mom of a 16 month's lil'boy ! i'm from france and i'm sorry if my english doesn't seem as well as yours !!

i looooooooove crochet and even if i like crocheting a lot of things, i didn't know i would like to crochet granny squares until i do that !!
the blancket was for my lil'niece who was born in january !
in the second photo, my japanese bag seen in a japanese magazine (they are so gooooood in crochet)!
hope you enjoy!


  1. Just Beautiful! I love that blanket!

  2. you know ive bought about 3 different lots of yarn over the last year with the intention of making one of those bags and I am yet to make one! I almost got close to making one with having finished 10 of the squares and then decided the yarn was too delicate for a bag and stopped the project. I MUST make one this year and actually complete it! I just love them they look so good and so 70´s to me.

  3. bonjour Radhyaa
    I'm from France as well and just joined the blog today :) !
    This is a very pretty blanket your niece is spoied ! and I love the bag (I crochet from japanese books too !)