Friday, May 1, 2009

Good old Granny!

I'm really excited to see this web page being reborn and very proud to be able to present my latest crochet project on it which as luck would have it is a granny square blanket. I really love crochet granny squares - my grandmother used to make presents for us grandchildren using granny squares and I always loved looking at the colours and wondered how they were made. Sadly my Grandmother died before I was really old enough to be taught crochet but I managed to teach myself some years afterwards and always like to think that she would be happy to see me making things for my family.

So here is my latest crochet project - a cot bed blanket for my little boy's nursery. This is only the second granny square project that I've done - the first being a baby blanket for my niece that was a whole lot smaller and consequently much, much quicker to make! This blanket is a rectangle of 8 squares wide by 13 long. The squares were joined with single crochet (or double crochet if you prefer the British terms) which left lovely ridges on the back and gave the blanket a much chunkier feel to it. To finish it off I decided to keep it simple and stick to two rows of single crochet round the edge with the main blue colour that I used in most of the squares.

The colours in this blanket were mostly from my stash, but because this project took more yarn than I was anticipating I had to borrow some extra colours from my sister as well as adding a bit of purple in as well which when the blanket all got put together at the end seems to have worked really well.

I love this blanket oh, so so much :-) Hopefully when my little one is a bit bigger he'll like it too, but for now it's going away until next winter as I completely failed to get it done in time for this one!


  1. awww you are all making me want to have a baby even moreeeeeee! of course just so I have an extra excuse for making gorgeous thinks like this! I love it.

  2. What lovely colours, thank you for sharing.

  3. beautiful !!!
    i have some 96 or 100 of them (waiting in my closet !) to assemble to gether... this will certainly encourage me to do so !!