Friday, May 1, 2009

A few crochet projects

I have been crocheting for many years....However, everything i have made was either square or rectangular! I made tons of baby blankets, throws, granny square projects, scarves.... This past year i have taken some knitting classes and learned how to read knitting patterns, and am doing very well with that. I am now looking for a class to teach me how to use my crochet skills more creatively. I found this pattern for a child's poncho online. It is basically 2 rectangles sewn together. I liked the way it came out and am currently making another one in a smaller size for my granddaughter Lola...

Lola's poncho in the works, (in violet and yellow cotton)next to a little knitted baby hat.... Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can find some really easy to read crochet patterns for baby sweaters and hats, for beginners. As i said, i have been crocheting for years, but get confused with pattern directions. Thanks!


  1. Oooh - I love the cute ponchos :)

    When I need a pattern for something I usually try Ravelry first which links into so many online and print patterns so it's a great place to do a search. There's also the CrochetMe website which allows people to publish their own patterns there. I've got a simple baby hat pattern published up there that you might like to try:

  2. I would go to Rima´s baby sweater pattern that Ive linked to in my post. I was like you just making squares because I didnt know how to read patterns that were for more than just a square. The baby sweater is a work down pattern and easy to understand. its really the only thing so far ive made other than a square. I must learn to do more!!!! Thank you for your wonderful post I love the poncho. sooooo cute!!