Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Baby Cardigan

I started a new baby cardigan the other week and I must say I like the way it´s coming along. It is taking forever though and testing my patience. The second part of the body takes two rows just to make one centimeter length. It needs to be 17 cms so I will need to do at least 34 rows. Ahhhh!!!! I started one sleeve today just to give myself a break from the other pattern. The cardigan pattern itself is half of the one I used for the other baby cardigan and half of my own making. If anyone wants the pattern for the bottom half I can try and write it down but I´ve never really written a pattern before. Again it is done in a 4ply using a 3mm hook. The final size should be big enough for a 1 year old or at least a large 6 month old. I plan to keep this one for my 'one day in the future' baby and I've promised myself I will not give it away as a present as I always seem to do.

Anyhow here are some photos of the project so far.

Hope everyone had a great weekend I know I did spending some time cooking with friends and crocheting on the U Bahn- German underground train system. Can´t wait to see more gorgeous posts! Don´t anyone be shy now hehehehe.


  1. That is a really pretty cardigan. I haven't tried any sort of clothing yet, but one day...

  2. Very nice...definitely worth your efforts! Vickie

  3. bonjour
    joli cardigan
    j'aime sa forme et sa couleur
    cette façon de travailler en commençant par le haut m'intrigue et ne trouve pas de modèle en français ! dommage
    merci pour le partage
    Tine, de Paris