Friday, May 1, 2009

Ok Let the Posting Begin!

I´ve recently moved to what I am calling the land of sock wool, yes I moved to Germany, and I am finding it a little hard at times to find yarn that is not 4 ply and specifically made for knitting socks. I mean this would be great if I knew how to knit properly because I would love to have hand made socks but alas I am a crocheter not a knitter.

Anyhow I went to a local market on Saturday and found a wonderful wool stall with lots of beautiful ´4ply´ wool. I couldn´t just walk by without buying at least one ball so I thought what the hell I´ll just do more rows and work with a smaller hook right?

Here is a photo of what the yarn became...

Birthday present for my fiance´s niece Lena, who is turning 1 on May 7th. Axel bought her the Pipi Longstocking (German Version) t-shirt to go with it!

I´ve made a few baby jacket/cardigans like this using the usual yummy 8ply and they work out a treat. There is a pattern on Yarn Days blog for these top-down baby cardigans. I originally got the pattern from a crochet book but having left it in Australia had to go looking online for another pattern. Actually I hope Rima from Yarn Days will join us here. She always posted photos of her beautiful work on Granny Along. I miss her postings there.

Hope you are all well and ready to start posting about your crochet adventures. I have another baby cardigan that I´m working on at the moment but I´ll leave that for another time. I always seem to crochet more when in Germany... hmmm

Anyhow have a lovely weekend and keep the 'I want to join' emails comming!!!!!


  1. Beautiful!

    I'd love to join this -- I'm planning a granny square project for a Christmas gift, and this will help motivate me.

  2. Oh i love that sweet little sweater! Great work!

  3. You made that! I am so proud :)

  4. i've not started to crochet clothes, but i find this cardigan very*very inpiring--great job !
    thanks for sharing the link !