Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Blue Cardigan Finished!

Just a quick post to show you the finished baby cardigan I posted about a while ago. I am very pleased with it and very glad that I pushed myself to try a new pattern for the bottom half. Usually I just continue in straight rows. Although, the pattern for the bottom half takes a lot of yarn and thus this little piece has taken about 6 50gm balls of yarn to complete, usually I get away with just over 3 balls. I'm not sure what aged baby it would fit, I think maybe about 12- 18 months. I made the arms very long so that the child won't grow out of it too quickly, when it's younger we can just roll the sleeves back in the manner you can see in the photo.


  1. It is so beautiful ! I still have a lot to learn before I can start one like this !!
    I'm just the opposite : I often don't plan enough yarn or just barely enough !

  2. Oh this little sweater came out just lovely! Great job!!!