Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Granny Wine Bottle Bag

My in-laws own and operate a winery and I've been crocheting wine bottle bags to sell there. I've completed 5, all different & original designs. I thought I'd share my favorite, the Granny Wine Bottle Bag.
It's made up of 17 granny squares done in cotton thread with a 2.0mm hook. This one is the most complicated of the bags and took the longest. Most of what I've done are simple lace patterns that can be finished quickly. A post of the other's will appear soon on my blog.


  1. I LOVE this! A good friend of mine is a wine collector and is always joking that our hobbies are so differn't that they could never mix well. This will shut her up, and give her a good laugh.

  2. So great for baby bottles as well...
    Are they stitched or crocheted together ? (please see the SOS on my post ! lol) it looks so nicely done !