Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crocheted Hamburger Dress....

Ok, I just had to share this with you all.  I was working on making signs for a BBQ and silent auction we are having at work tomorrow, so I Googled the word "hamburger" in images to try and look for a decent image of a hamburger for one of my signs.  Well, I happened upon this image, and decided to explore further...

I found out that it's actually a crocheted dress to look like a hamburger!  It's quite interesting, to say the least!  Would be kinda cute for a Halloween costume, don't ya think!?

I found this on Blog
It says that the dress was made by Joy Kampia on GEEKOLOGIE
If anyone is able to find a copy of the pattern, I may be interested.  I've been unsuccessful so far in finding a pattern for this Crocheted Hamburger Dress.


  1. Now, there is a Halloween costume if I've ever seen one.. Very fun.. I wouldn't be caught dead in it. But, fun for the sticks.

  2. Well, it's definitely original, I'll give it that. It's a cute Halloween idea for someone who is very young and very thin.

    Is it weird that I'm really craving a burger now?

  3. What a cute and creative costume this would be to wear at a party! I don't have the figure for it anymore but someone young could get away with it. Thanks for sharing. Gina, maybe you'll have to ask the craftzine people to help you locate the pattern. Good luck!

  4. well this makes Cate's number look a tad conservative!
    hmmm, hungry now!

  5. Hey guys!
    That ingenious and that good idea. clear who would have thought a dress hamburger. I find it very nice and completely different. thanks for sharing this information.