Monday, September 21, 2009

because I'm lazy

I want a blanket to curl up on the couch in our newly redecorated family room, THIS winter... not NEXT year (or worse ! you know how that goes sometimes...)
I found this quick & easy pattern in the winter 2003 issue of Marie-Claire Idées (the French craft magazine)

I bought some so warm and so light icelandic (100%) wool on etsy and set to work right away, replacing the garter stitch of the plain squares by some (US)double stitches, with a crochet size 4.5mm

10 squares so far, I will need 35
I'll keep you posted !!
Enjoy this first week of Fall -- if you're in the northern hemisphere ;) in the southern part it may be... Spring ?


  1. Sounds very warm & comfy... Light wool...:-)

    Show us as you make progress.


  2. Sounds like a good start to your blanket. I have a knitted blanket which I seem to have been knitting for years, and yes it is about 3 years too.

  3. Lovely little blog. I just found you when looking for Lucy creations in google. Just finish my ripple.

    Glad to have found you.

    One Lucy fan to another... The Garden Bell - Kate. have a peek

  4. Perfect winter cozy colors, it'll be lovely. Keep us posted as you progress!

  5. Beautiful! I love that magazine, so full of ideas!

  6. thanks ladies !
    i ran out of yarn then lost my password and id here... phew...
    kate, i'll be visiting your virtual home in a minute...