Saturday, September 19, 2009

Granny Square Blanchett?

Hi Crochet-Alongers,
the stuff I'm working on at the moment is for my swap partner so I can't spoil the suprise and post about it here. Instead I found a very interesting article and photo that I thought I would share with you. Here below are a couple of photos of Australian actress Cate Blanchett in none other than a granny square dress! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I love crochet and granny square blankets but I think turning one into a dress is going a little toooooo far. What do you guys think? You can read the full article here and there are more photos here

The dress is part of Romance was Born Spring 2009 Collection.

There is also an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw is wearing a floppy granny square top. I can't remember which episode but I remember thinking that it looked fabulous! Did anyone else catch that episode? I think I'm going to go google it now hehehehe.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the changing of seasons. Here in Germany the leaves are starting to yellow and fall, and there are pumpkins for sale everywhere! Awwww I love Autumn/Fall!


  1. I LOVE it!

    My husband rolled his eyes when he saw it (and wondered if she got laughed at) but hey!....there is a lot of buzz about this dress on other blogs -- and if that is what it takes to enthuse everyone about the love of a granny square --- where is the harm in that?! *grin* (Other than --- everyone wondering why in the world she would wear the afghan from her couch to a gala.)

  2. wow I've never seen that !!!
    if that ain't "granny square love"... !
    now i could picture a similar one-color dress, multi-colored is a little bit over the top... but that's only my opinion ;P

  3. but after viewing the video... she wears it quite well !

  4. I had to LOL when I saw the pictures you posted. I can't stand granny squares on any type of clothing or accessories (and I see a lot of them in the crochet magazines I subscribe to). In my personal opinion, granny squares only look good on afghans and hot pads. But hey...each to his or her opinion and tastes! If we all liked and disliked the same exact things, it'd be a boring world. ;o)

  5. Very cute - the power of the granny square!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Kathy Ann for sharing this with us...I like it but don't think I'd wear it. I do love the bag, all browns and grannied up. Now for the model, she looks plastic and scary. Have a great day fellow crochet "hookers" and "yarnies".

  7. I love granny squares, so I can't help but love Cate for being brave enough to wear this in public. And Cate is slim enough to carry it off as well as possible.

    The feathery fringe and missing sleeve are what ruins it for me. I wouldn't like those things on any dress.

    The comments on the article's site are hilarious. Who shot gramma's couch and made a dress?!

  8. As if we were going to let this one slip by us!

    I LLLLLOVE this and praise be for Cate! Always on the cutting edge our gal! It gives crocheters such coolness doesn't it hee hee!
    I love the bravery, I feel like she is WEARING our flag LOL...
    So glad one of us posted this...

    Crocheting has had some great media attention this year! Let's not for get the old italian grandma who patiently crocheted away under the earthquake rubble awaiting rescue. See Crochet : high fashion AND a life saver!