Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank You Mary Kay

I have had this package for a week, but the weather has been so dreary that there was no way to post a worthy set of pictures that would do justice to the kindness of Mary Kay. Just look at all the goodies. I love my potholder very much, Mary Kay. It is currently sitting prettily under the trifle bowl on kitchen island. I love how I can use either side, the colors are perfect, and I feel so special. Apparently MaryKay thought I could use a little spoiling as well. She made soap! It smells delicious and it came in its own specially made gift bag. Oh, Mary Kay, the time you have put in just for me. Thank you.

Mary Kay has been a snoopy little thing on my blog and discovered I like coffee and chocolate and I know what the word groovy means! Ha! We were laughing just the other day as our fifteen year old told a story about her teacher at school exclaiming, "Right on!" She had no idea what the teacher meant. We get it. The beans are from a coffee shop, Groovy Grounds, that Mar Kay visits each Friday for friendship and crochet.

I love the cotton yarn. What a great color and it matched perfectly with the vintage apron she chose just for me! Oh how I love aprons. The apron is from Mary Kay's sister-in-law's vintage clothing shop in St. Paul, MN. How cool is that?

It is clear that Mary Kay is a very special woman. She included a pattern for the Loving Georgia Lee Tyler Hat - I have linked the pattern for you. Mary Kay makes these hats and donates to the cancer treatment center. I feel absolutely spoiled, Mary Kay. You have been a dream partner and have shared so much of yourself in this precious gift. Thank you.

I just popped your in the mail so look for it. I just had to add one more goody, sorry for the delay. I hope you like it. The girls oooed and awwwed and grumped about me sending it off to someone they don't know. Silly girls.



  1. I love soap!...
    I love bubbles...!!
    oooo... my daughter loves them too!

    and they smell so so so nice....

    great presents!!