Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crochet and the New Year...

I am writing today to thank each and every one of you for your participation and support, for making 'For the Love of Crochet Along' a success. I am so glad we started this blog again. It's only been 6ish months and we've already got over 100 followers, over 40 participants nearly 30,000 hits and not to forget the swap!. Not too bad for a little crochet community blog.

But what about next year? What are your crochet goals for the new year? What projects are you planning for 2010?

Personally I would like to finish at least 3 large afghans, make a range of doilies for my newly renovated home and if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant later in the year make lots of clothes for the little one. I've still got 3 current projects to finish so those need to be completed first because if I have more than 3 going on at a time one is bound to never get done! I also hope to be involved in some charity crocheting, I've done swaps, given things away as gifts but haven't yet given anything to charity.

So thank you once again to everyone involved in this blog and crochet community. I hope you have had a great 2009 and move towards a wonderful and safe 2010.

Kathy Ann


  1. This past year (2009) I made 7 afghans for birthday and Christmas gifts. This new year I haven't decided what my projects will be although I did just finish making a crochet belt for my neice which I just put on my blog a few minutes ago. I also want to say how much I enjoyed the swap we had in december. Wow, I even made a new friend through it. Thank you

  2. Youa re very welcome. I would like to participate more this year. I love this bloga nd always read even if I do not comment. Have a wonderful New Year.

  3. I am a recent follower of this blog and I'm really looking forward to joining in on the swaps and tips and comments from your followers.

  4. I'm glad you started this blog too, I just found you not too long ago and love it! Best of everything in this new year.

  5. Thanks to you!!! and for my 2010... mmm... I'm trying to finish a blanket(pink stripes) and a violet ripple... and hope to make some clothes and afghans..

    Love this blog!!!

  6. Just checking in on everyone for delurking week and leaving notes.

  7. Hi to all!!!
    I'm having problems with granny squares. I haven´t found a pattern in english or spanish to learn how to do a square. Yesterday I found one in french.. :-P .. obviously I'm missing information there.. jajajajjaja...

    Any tip?? Thanks!!

    hugs to all!!