Thursday, July 9, 2009

granny square lap'ghan

My great-aunt has found her self wheel-chair bound and being the proper lady that she is --she will only wear dresses...never pants! -- she still feels the need to cover her legs. But wants to do it in a lady-like manner.

What better way to solve her dilemma than to make a lap afghan -- or lap'ghan.
I found a beautiful pattern in this book:

Favorite Throws & Table Toppers to Crochet

Just by joining simple white granny squares with buttery-yellowed flower granny squares and she will have a simple, but elegant lap-ghan.

Yarn by Caron & Bernat
Clover bamboo crochet hook, size I
pattern: Hospitality Garden


  1. This is so beautiful! My Gram always wore dresses too... :)

  2. I'm in love with this granny square, it's so delicate!!!

  3. JUst lovely. I may get that book; I love that granny square. What techniquie did you use to connect all the squares? I just finished a granny square blanket (pattern from}and connected each square on the last round using sc in each 2sc space.

  4. I am doing a simple whipstitch to join the blocks. Although -- I wish I would have seen the video on (Crochet-Flat Braid Joining) before I started joining these because I looooooove that look much better than just a whipstitch!

  5. This is lovely and dainty - so perfect for a lap afghan - I love it.

  6. Gorgeous! I love those lemony flowers!

  7. Beautiful! The flowers look so delicate!

  8. This is so pretty and since the flowers looked just like pretty little daisies to me, I rushed right over to my favorite online bookseller and Annie's Attic to find the book...what surprised me was a used copy is nearly thirty dollars and a new copy is nearly ninety dollars!!! It must be out of sad, as this is just too much money for one crochet blanket. :( You have done a beautiful job. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that I checked out from the library the Favorites Throws and Table Toppers to Crochet book. I agree it's way too expensive. It does have some very nice items in it though. I've had trouble on a few of the patterns and if there is anyone out there that would like to help me, I would really appreciate it.