Monday, July 13, 2009

All bright and beautiful....

All things and bright and beautiful is a hymn that brings back lots of happy memories at primary school and it sorts of describes what I have been busy doing lately.

It all started with a childrens kit in an attempt to recap on what I can do and to hopefully take my crochet skills a little further.

I decided to stick to the granny squares and keep going until I had used up all of the wool!! Daring or what?

For some reason blogger has tipped this picture, oh well. So I kept going and I know have 18 brightly coloured squares.

Know here is the million dollar question......what do I do with them? I might be lucky and find some wool similar in colour and make some more but at the time of starting just having a go was the main aim. Any ideas or suggestions? I had lots of relaxing fun making these and I am now ready to tackle the next page in the kiddie crochet book! Flowers or circles?



  1. Such pretty squares. =-] I make a lot of grannys but I have the same problem I never know what to do with them when I'm done. So I just kinda leave them around. I do want to attempt a granny purse though. Good luck with your squares.

  2. These colors are so gorgeous! Oh! I could just jump into your picture and submerse myself in your granny squares....Yum!

    A wonderful book that shows many, many ideas -- and actual patterns -- for granny squares is: Edie Eckman's CROCHET MOTIF.

  3. I would find another coordinating color of wool, maybe even white, and add a round to each square, connecting them all into a blanket!

  4. I love the colors too and I agree I think you should connect them and make a blanket!!

  5. Beautiful colours :)
    You say that you've got 18 squares. I do not know how big they are, byt what do you think of joining them all to make a pillowcase? 9 on one side and 9 on the other side. Joined together and perhaps with something fluffy or nice around the edges. That's my idea, at least :)

  6. i'd say a bag or a pillow ? depending on how big they are.