Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shell Stitch Teapot Cozy

Hello Everyone! I'm glad Inger Carina posted. I forget to come here and show my crochet projects sometimes until I'm reminded when others post theirs.

Here is a teapot cozy I made last weekend. I posted a free pattern for the body of it on my blog with some links to free flower and leaf patterns.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas!


  1. I hope Jesus – God's human face – is present on everyday of the new year! I hope 2011 will be peacefull, healthy and wealthy!

    And if something quite sad happens, hope u have faith and strength to face it and move on!

    Happy New Year !!!!



  2. Hi!

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts. I love reading through your posts whenever I get the time to do so. You're so passionate about what you write, which is why I've awarded you the Stylish blogger Award. :-)
    I don't know if you accept awards, but if you're interested, check out the following link for more information:


    Enjoy your award!
    -The Creative Muslimah

  3. What an adorable little tea cozy, I love it. I need to get myself a teapot to make one of these cozies.

  4. Love the teapot pot cozy! Is there a link to the pattern? carinterr@aol.com