Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Blanket

Hi everyone it's been a while since I posted. I have been crocheting but just haven't kept up with taking photos and blogging. Today I'm showing off a little blanket I've made. It's just a simple granny square with a scalloped edging. I've been making baby clothes for all my friends and family who have had babies now I finally get to make things for MY baby!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am 14 weeks pregnant and planing all sorts of craft projects. Unfortunately the nausea and exhaustion has taken much of my desire to crochet and craft away. I actually had another blanket in mind, a cute one with bunnies on it but my brain couldn't handle anything that required it to work so I started tying to get back to crocheting with the most simple thing I could think of hence the one BIG granny square which I can practically do in my sleep.

Here's a photo of the blanket. I made it using pure New Zealand wool. It is quite heavy and measures about 60x60 cm

And just because I can, here's a photo of our bub at 11 weeks scan...

Anyhow I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New years! We had a nice quiet one with family, just the way I like it. Keep up the posts, loving what is being posted here awesome stuff as always!


  1. A lovely blanket. And thanks for sharing the pic of your scan - so very special!

  2. Beautiful work and cute baby! First those pics.

  3. Hi Kathy Ann, you should get more energy soon. Just remember to eat enough protein during your pregnancy and limit sugar and fake food, fake flavors, colors and sugar substitutes and eat real food!

    Well done on a beautiful warm blanket for your new little one when he/she arrives. Have the best new year ever. Hugs, Annie

  4. Indeed it is a beautiful blanket, and also the image of the baby is so inspirational and beautiful.

  5. it is one of the best moment of the life of any people, thanks for sharing