Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crocheted Christmas decorations

Hello Crochet Lovers! , this is my first post on this blog. My name is Inger Carina and I'm an enthusiastic Crafter from Sweden...
I'm a frequent visitor to this blog and I love all your work, posts and links on this site! :)
My Christmas tree fell over last year so I had to crochet me some new decorations.

Happy Holidays
Kind regars
Inger Carina


  1. These are beautiful! Is there a pattern we can borrow?

  2. Hello Inger from Sweden - I'm Doris from Georgia (originally from Germany) and I love to crochet. I've got many crocheted ornaments because they don't break and I love your crocheted Christmas balls.

  3. Your crocheted ornamentsare really beautiful! Thanks for sharing and welcome! I hope you will post your projects regularly.

  4. Hi and thanks Charlotte, Doris and Pammy.
    @Charlotte - I had to invent the pattern while I was crocheting, but I can do a count and post for you. :)

  5. They are lovely, i've seen a lot of patterns using crochet over decorations but I haven't tried it myself. Definitely a thing to do for next Christmas!

    Thank you for sharing x

  6. Welcome, and your ornaments are absolutely beautiful - very nice job and very pretty tree.