Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raspberry Delight!

I finished the cardigan I was making for our friends' new baby girl Paula Johanna. She was born about a month ago and we are just itching to go see her. I was so happy to hear that it was a girl because then I had an excuse to use some super pink yarn. I just love hot pinks but haven't had any real reason to use some.

Lucky for me the exact stuff I was looking for was in the discount corner at the local yarn shop. Still meant $5 dollars for 50gms but hay for raspberry coloured 100% merino wool who's complaining! I mixed up two patterns to come up with this one. Unfortunately I printed out the patterns long ago and have forgotten the sites I got them from so I cannot share them.

Here's a photo of the little gem!

It's been finished off with the cutest of pink mother-of-pear buttons. I am also planing to make a beanie to go with the cardigan. I hope it will keep her warm this winter. It will be too small for the following winter.


  1. That is a perfectly darling sweater. You do excellent work. I'm sure it will fit just fine and a beanie would just finish it off. She is lucky to have such good friend. Take care Kathy

  2. What a lucky little girl I am sure her Mummy will
    be thrilled
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Oh, my -- it is a gem! A fabulous gem with such a glorious shade of pink. Beautiful work, Kathy Ann!

  4. It's just adorable! The raspberry yarn is so pretty with that pattern too. Very nice.

  5. So gorgeous--love the color--much nicer than baby pink, which is what she will be bombarded with!