Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christmas Swap issues

Hello Crocheters!

I´ve been away for quite sometime, busy renovating my home, planning a wedding while working and then looking after overseas guests. I have to admit I haven´t picked up a crochet hook in about 4 or 5 months. But I´m married now, it all went pretty well on the day although the photographer was sick and we had some standby, our DJ was a total DJzillar yelling at us even though we were early and on time with things, also wouldn´t move his equipment so we could have the ceremony inside... we had to get EVERYONE else accommodate HIM! anyhow I could so write a book about the things that went wrong leading up to the wedding. Lets just say wasps and thieves were involved. The house is pretty much finished and most of our guests have returned home.

So while I don´t have any crochet news to share (will soon got 2 baby presents to make) I do have to do a bit of an administrative post. Unfortunately I have had some not so great news about the Christmas swap. Due to this news I would like to ask all of those who participated in the swap and DIDNT get a package to email me and let me know what happened. I thought everything had gone well so I didn´t ask before, assumed anyone with a problem would have emailed me at the time.

I don´t want to name people who may not have sent a package as they promised when they joined so please send an email directly to me do not leave a comment here. It is not my intention to conduct a public witch hunt, so to speak. I really just want to know who didn´t get one so that I can organise something for them. I´m so sorry for those of you who had a bad experience with the swap.

Let me just say for future Swaps- people who fail to send packages and have no good excuse (Good excuse being death in family, injury, loss of job, having to move with little notice, sick family member etc) will NOT be allowed to join in other swaps. as you can see it causes a lot of hurt for the other person and causes bad feelings among people in our blog community.

Sorry about having to post this but I want to make sure things remain fair and that everyone has a positive experience with this blog. A HUGE sorry to all who have had problems with this blog and this community. I´m sorry I haven´t been so on-the-ball lately, replying to people quickly but I am back now and things should be good again.

Happy Crocheting


  1. Congratulations on your marriage, Kathy!

  2. Hi Kathy, Sorry to hear that the swap didn't go so well for all the people involved. I wasn't able to sign up myself due to my usual Christmas crafting backlog but I would love to make some bits for the people who missed out so please get in contact if you would like me to help out :-)

  3. Kathy, me too!!
    I didn't sign up for the swap, so if you want to make a "second chance" swap (maybe not Christmas...), it would be an honor to participate.
    And.. Congrats on your wedding!!
    Show us a pic!!

    my email :

    Love and Hugs!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about that as well. I didn't join because I was short on funds at the time and am now as well because we have to pay double rent to move. Darn, swaps always fall around bad times for me as I've always wanted to participate in one. But I love this blog and the posts. Congrats on your wedding!

  5. Thank you all for volunteering to make a swap package for those who missed out. I found out that the person who missed out didnt end up sending a package either as they found out before they sent it that they weren't going to get one. I will see if she wants to join up with one of you to do a swap for swaps sake! let you know soon.

  6. Hi Kathy Ann, let me know if ya need help putting some stuff together for anybody who missed out on the swap. Thanks again for reviving the crochet along. I really enjoy seeing the projects and being a part of the crochet community here.

  7. Sorry that I didnt get in touch sooner, thank you to all who responded and put their hands up to be little angels. In fact only one person missed out and they said they found out they were not getting anything before they sent out their package, and thus dont feel that they really missed out. They said they are not interested in doing a 'make up' swap and are grateful and very thankful to all who put their hands up.