Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  I was recently involved in a Halloween swap on Ravelry and couldn't share this until after my swap partner received what I had made for her.  
I frequent the Lily Sugar'n Cream website for patterns, since I love to crochet quick and easy projects for swaps.  I found these awesome patterns on the website and made them for my swap partner...

Bat Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar'n Cream

Ghost Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar'n Cream

Skull Trick or Treat Bag by Lily / Sugar'n Cream
I filled the Skull Treat Bag full of goodies and sent it overseas to my swap partner in Somerset, England. 
I chose not to put eyes and mouth on the bat as indicated in the original pattern.  I just didn't care for them, and figured they'd be problematic if using the bat as a dishcloth anyways.


  1. Your swap partner has to be so happy with what you sent, they are adorable ... love the bag!! Picture is very cute. Happy Halloween!

  2. All of your Halloween things are so cute! I wish I had that bag full of candy right now. Great job!

  3. These are so great! love to see halloween stuff that isn't just plastic store bought. I know there is a lot of it out there. Such a cute candy holder.

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments! Next year I will probably make more of those treat bags seeing as neices and nephews now want some! :o)