Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are we still on?

Just a quick note from a worried administrator... are we still visible? Have I turned something off, can people still post, send comments???? Just kind of weird for me not to get an email telling me if someones posted or left a comment after 2 weeks. Maybe I have offended????

is there anyone out there????????????


  1. I'm still out here. I've been experiencing the blogger "Service Unavailable" 503 errors for about 2 weeks now. Sometimes I can't leave a comment on blogs so I wait and try again. I do't know what is going on with blogger.

  2. I'm still here too! No problems seeing these posts here.

  3. I have been having no luck at "managing" my list of blogs -- error messages for days now.

  4. Well, you haven't posted since October 3rd... that at least is a bit of the delay??? But we're still here!

  5. it's still visible to me, even though I am only lurking and not crocheting at all....

  6. few! I am getting a bit nervous about blogger, seems to be changing but becoming not so stable. All sorts of comment and editing problems seem to be rising. I hope we don't lose this blog because blogger goes bust! Thank you to everyone for responding.

  7. Don't worry!! We are still here!!
    I haven´t post anything 'cause my baby boy is here!! So .. I'm a little bit busy...
    but I will post some new ideas I found!.. I promise!!