Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was a holiday snooper. You know, one of those kids who sneaks around the house looking behind the pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards, under the hats in the coat closet, behind the curtains in my parents room and, just in case it was too obvious a place to hide goodies, in my piano bench under the sheet music. I am not proud of this, but my mother should be proud for hiding our gifts so well, that I never found anything that I can remember. We always had such delightful, fun surprises for us under the tree on Christmas mornings.

Each year, I try to make at least one little something for each person on my list and this year will be no exception. Would you like a peek? I need to be careful, because reading is not really like snooping unless there is something to snoop out, so you will just get a little peek. Don’t worry, I have pictures of finished items in their entirety to share with you after the wrapping is torn away and the bows are safely stowed for next year.

This is a special gifty for a blogging friend.

And this is for a special girl in my life.

This goes with that. She will love it.

And this? Well, this is quite a bit of project to take on so few days before gifting. Cross your fingers.

Happy holiday making! ~Kelly


  1. What a fun post! Love all the things you've made, or at least the peeks of them. The brown & blue are beautiful colors together. Can't wait to see them whole after Christmas.

  2. Hi Kelly, I didn't really snoop at xmas but on my 9th b-day morning, I snuck a gift (6" Dawn Doll) into the bathroom and opened it carefully at the end and took a peek; I wanted one sooooo bad and I just had to know if I was gettin' one. Then relieved, "yessss" I was. Then... the overwhelming feeling of breaking the rules and ashamed of my misdeed overtook me. I had ruined my own surprise and I knew better so I never did it again. As one of the older kids in a family of 7 kids, I helped my mom wrap gifts and boy could I keep a secret! Didn't want to ruin anyone's surprise (even if I couldn't stand my bros sometimes). Happy Holidays everyone and hope you get some good surprises! Ann

  3. Oooopps! I also wanted to say I can't wait to see your handmade gifts after they've been given to your lucky ones! They're lookin' lovely so far...Ann

  4. hermoso tu blog te felicito un beso Zully

  5. Thank you for all of your comments! I don't peek any more.... I promise. ~Kelly