Sunday, November 1, 2009

Operation Homemade Christmas!

So I made it a point to make a LOT of homemade ornaments and decorations for Christmas... well at least that's my plan anyways. My boyfriend and I will be celebrateing our first christmas while living together. & we quickly realized we have nothing to decorate with. All we have is a massive fake tree, with nothing to go on it or nothing to put around the house. So I decided to make a bunch of stuff & Frosty the crocheted snowman was born! He's my first attempt at an ami without a pattern. I'm pleased with him and just wanted to share! I'll be posting my operation homemade Christmas progress on my blog. I got lots of ideas I can't wait to get more things made and share!


  1. What an adorable snowman! I especially love the scarf . . . it's a great, colorful addition!

  2. Snowmen are my absolute favorite winter fun! So cute. Thank you for sharing. ~Kelly

  3. Your snowman is so cute, and what a wonderful time for you and your boyfriend to be planning your first Christmas together, I hope it will be the first of many. Hugs, Margie.