Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crochet Humor

Saw this cartoon on a blog that I follow...
she found it and thought it was cute, so posted it to her blog...
I too think it's cute and just have to share!


  1. Now who is going to go with this making challenge! LOL

  2. Too cute! LOL! I certainly wouldn't doubt if someone out there has crocheted a jockstrap...or at least tried!

  3. Remember when Willie-Warmers were all the rage on the crochet boards? Actually, at least one crochet board I know of bans all discussion of them now. Too offensive for some folks.

  4. There's some willie-warmers on Ravelry! And a link to the pattern! I was thinking about making one as a gag gift for someone...still just thinking about it though...haven't actually gone as far as making it! LOL!

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