Wednesday, April 1, 2015

From ugly chair to cute chair! New improved reading corner

I found this chair in my in-law's attic and thought it would be perfect for my daughter's reading corner because 2 people can squeeze in it and it is very comfortable. Only problem was it is very ugly! There are pen stains and worn out patches where holes are starting to form. I almost thought of leaving it until I bought some nice bright yarn and started making a new granny square blanket for it.

Here is the same chair all pretty with the granny square blanket and a cute patchwork pillow I made using Batik print fabric. We love siting here to read. At nights I also light LED candles and fairy lights and to make reading time really magical.

If any of you crocheter's have children and are looking for play related articles and tutorials, I have started a new blog 'We Are Happy Playing' I hope to put up some crochet patterns related to children's games soon.