Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kwazii Cat Octonaut Hat

Hello everyone I've started crocheting again here in Germany. At the moment my daughter is obsessed with the Octonauts and so I've made her a Kwazii Cat hat, her favourite character from the series.
Here's a pic of the character himself.
I've never made something up without a patterns so it's been an interesting crochet adventure. Please don't ask for a pattern because I have no idea how I managed to make this. Maybe one day I'll learn how to write a pattern.

After I posted it on facebook a friend commissioned one for her daughter who also loves Octonauts. This is how that one turned out.

I like this one better and I'm thinking of undoing my daughters and adding the better looking hat and ears.


  1. His works are very beautiful, Kathy! and hanks for your visit to my world of wool!
    The pattern of my crochet cowl is very simple. Always work with dc, and decrease some stitches in every round according to the desired size. I have worked without pattern, I made rounds freely.
    Have a nice day and kisses from Catalonia!