Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing ‘Tutti Frutti Daisy’ Granny Square Blanket.

Well as promised I’m delighted to be able to introduce and show you my newest creation. Tutii Frutti Daisy blanket – I so love the colour combination here, and hope you do to.


The blanket is constructed from 7 rows of 7 squares across and 7 rows of 7 squares down. A total of 49 squares. Each square has a pink central daisy flower and is then surrounded by 7 different colours.

I think the colour work in this pattern is gorgeous and so very pretty and cheerful. The pattern contains explicit colour guidance for each and every square – so 49 different colour combinations.

The finished blanket measures 54“ x 54“. The blanket could be made larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the amount of squares used.


More details on my blog Click here.


  1. I love this little delight :) Awesome colors, awesome design!!!!

  2. Absolutely scrumptious!! Yummy colors.

  3. This is absolutely Beautiful! I LOVE the colors!

  4. So absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours, the pattern, the end product!!!