Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flower Power

I have some activity days coming up in June at school and I am going to run an accessories workshop. We shall be making different types of corsages, bag charms etc. Crochet might be a bit much with 25 students but I have been going back over how to make these lovely flowers in the evening as part of my thinking for the workshop. I have been too busy to get the sewing machine out and too tired as well. Picking up a bit of wool and a hook is very spontaneous and portable.

The above is a conventional flower which can be found on the Internet, but I found that if a add another row or two I can get it to crinkle up and gain a different shape. Swapping the colours for the rows also adds to it. I am still trying to expand my skills and this may be nothing new but it was a bit of a landmark for me. For once I was able to decide what the flower looked like rather than keeping my fingers crossed that it might look like the picture in the book!

I am working on another style but more on that another time.

Is is possible to create other types of flowers via crochet?

I have found some help on Youtube but was not sure if I could be looking somewhere else.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Oi! como é tão lindo o seu cantinho com tão lindas peças adorei todas elas muitos parabéns por tão lindo gosto de fazer o mais lindo croche com mãos de fada. vou seguir seu blog p melhor ver as novidades espero por sua visita ao meu com muito carinho e um grande abraço Rosa

  2. Making flowers are my fav thing about crochet! It turned out cute.