Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Portrait of the Past (Wisconsin)

My parents have a book titled "Portraits of the Past: A Photographic Journey Through Wisconsin".  I was looking through it not too long ago when I came across a neat photo and description...  Just wanted to share this with you...

Here's what the description reads under the photo...

" the early 1900's was this kind of feminine gathering.  Charles Van Schaick photographed his wife, Ida (standing), entertaining the members of the DMC club in her wind-protected backyard.  Nettie Lake had named the group after a brand of French crochet cotton used in fancy patterns, and though the ladies insisted the letters stood for "Damn Mean Crowd," no one watching them daintily sipping tea and lemonade and nibbling cookies would believe it."


  1. Now this is MY kind of DMC . . . LOLOL

  2. Oh what a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing it. Until TV came along and added to the breakdown of community, people actually got together; men, about politics and such. Women would share recipes and patterns, help new wives and new mothers on caring for men, the household and babies, they'd crochet, knit, embroider, quilt and share ideas. There are always things to admire about those who came before us!

  3. I love history...and I had no idea DMC was around for so long! There's still threads out called DMC I think?
    But like Paula said... This is my kind of DMC too! LOL!
    Very true annielizabeth. I sometimes wish I could've been around to enjoy such moments too.