Saturday, September 11, 2010

My first Granny Stripe Blanket

I have not posted for a while a I have been making my first Granny Stripe Blanket from the tutorial over at Attic24.

What started off as just a little sample grew into a blanket that will nearly cover a double bed and will do once I have added to it. I did cast off and called it done but after thinking about it for a week I decided to add more rows so that it would fit our bed for the winter.
I have more pictures here
Pop over and take a look.


  1. Wow, it's gorgeous! I wish I had enough patience to keep going with a blanket like this! :) x

  2. It is really pretty and so big too. What a great blanket!

  3. Beautiful! I hope to start one after the holidays (too busy with making gifts until then). Although, I don't quite "get" the stitch, even after reading the tutorial on Attic -- I'll have to re-read a few times.

    - Made by Colleen

  4. Wonderful! Yes this is becoming the new essential granny rug - how can we resist? I love your balance of colours, it looks so sunny xx

  5. I trying to find a copy of the crochet granny stripe aghan, but I can't it. Was hopeing you might be able to help me! I just started to crochet again now that I'm a empty nester. And alittle more time on my hands.

    Thanks Debra

  6. I love that my husband had one just like it when he was a baby and it's still around at his mums! Well done

  7. Hi Dopenbri,
    Hopefully you will call back and see this. i found the ideal granny stripe tutorial over at