Thursday, June 10, 2010

A good idea again...

Hello to you all...

I'm writing to tell you that I found this pic while I was looking for an idea to make a scarf ...
I didn't find the pattern, but I guess this is not so difficult and it's totally beautiful... so I'm gonna give it a try..

Also I want to share with you a pic of my baby boy feet... it's amazing how clear it is...
Technology has left me and "proud-daddy" without words...
Our little boy should be here by middle August... so we are getting ready with anticipation.

That's it!... Thanks for reading!!

Love and Hugs from Chile!



  1. Unbelievable --- Such a wonderfully exciting time for you. Hope the summer stays cool and you enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I love that picture of your baby boy's feet. It won't be much longer before you'll be holding him in your arms.


  3. Oh, Pam! How precious is that? That is the sweetest thing ever.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that. we have a lady at work who is pregges and we love hearing about her baby tossing and turning in her! Love the scarf idea too! best of luck with it all!

  5. Pam,

    The scarf idea is so gorgeous -- and oh, my! such perfect little toes on your precious baby. How wonderful for you!

  6. Very nice and amazing both of the pictures!

  7. Oh Pam, your baby's foot, how precious! Such a pretty dainty scarf. Thanks for sharing them with us. Can't wait to see them both "finished" hee, hee!

  8. Thanks to all for your comments...
    sorry for grammar mistakes!!.. jajajaj...
    my head is faster than my fingers!...

    I have finished half of my crochet challenges, so soon I will share some pics with you.

    Thanks again!!

  9. Just look at that tiny, beautiful foot!
    Best wishes to you, the proud daddy and your little.

  10. Oooh that's so cute!! It's amazing how good you can see it!
    Love your crochet as well (-: If you like: there's a blog post on my blog in which you can insert a link to something you've made. Perhaps you would like to add a link to something you've made? You can find the post here:


  11. this is a great scarf, I might give this a go myself...thanks for posting it

  12. Sweet baby feet. I do enjoy a good 3D ultrasound photo... that that one is SWEET!

    Love that scarf... I may search the nets for some ideas... I'd love to make that.

  13. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. Sons are a blessing from the Lord and I know you will enjoy him. I have 4 sons myself.

  14. congratulations !!!

    and thanks for sharing this lovely scarf !