Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Dear friends,

Sorry to interrupt your crocheting activities, but I just want to tell you that on Saturday 27th, 3.34 am, we received an unwanted guest. It was an 8.8 degrees (richter scale) earthquake that shook our country from 4th to 9th region. It's true that Chile is a country used to this kind of "tremors" but this time our buildings and little towns couldn't stand the strength of nature. On the other hand, some coastal towns were flooded by tsunamis. Those places, that were full of people enjoying their vacations, now do not exist.

Cities like Concepción, Cauquenes, Chillán and others don't have food, water and electricity. This situation have led thieves to strike into supermarkets and houses that were left by people due to damages in the structure.

I just want to ask for help. We are a great community and we are always willing to help each other.
I guess RED CROSS is a good way to help.

I added a link for you to know more details.

Thanks in advance to all of you.


  1. Just click on the title to see more details.
    Thanks to all. <3

  2. praying for all concerned..Such devastation..

  3. Thanks for your concern...
    Let me tell you that here it was prepared a Telethon to raise money... and it was a complete success!!!... We collected enough money to build more than 30.000 houses...and to supply food and water...
    It was amazing!
    I love my Country!!

    Hugs to you all!!

  4. Dear Pam, thanks for the great news. Now when they rebuild, they can build more earthquake safe housing and structures. I live in earthquake territory here in Los Angeles and our Northridge quake in 1994 was a 6.7. It was scary but it wasn't nearly as big and shaking as your recent quake. Allot was learned about that earthquake and so hopefully, our building codes are stricter than before. Disasters happen but we can learn from them. Glad you are safe and your country is healing. Hugs to you!

  5. Thanks for your concern!!
    Thanks to all!!!